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original artwork, prints & more

By Becca Lane

artist statement

   My artwork today is born from the intersection where my love of peculiar animals meets my passion for artmaking. I am beyond lucky to have full creative freedom to chase my passions and still find success in doing what I love every day. Most folks recognize my work as highly detailed, personality-packed portraits of animals, dressed to reflect their unique selves. The realism of my portrait work is given a contemporary spin with looser mark-making across my subjects' accessories, and large flat color blocking in the background and complimentary sides. I also love to add in some of my own childhood nostalgia and often tease that every animal portrait is a subtle portrait of myself. Aside from my distinct palette and style, I think that what sets my work aside from others is that I am not just creating a visual representation of an animal, I am creating an entirely unique being with a backstory and personality and falling in love with them more and more with each brushstroke. I'd like to think my love for what I am creating resonates with those who also fall in love with my work. My collectors are not just buying a work of art, they are welcoming someone (this little Art Baby, as I call them) into their home and family. The depth of honor I feel about this is beyond what I can express in words!


   If you dig deeply enough into my portfolio you might also be surprised to find my artworks that focus on heavier themes of mental illness, trauma, and resiliency; often expressed through the lens of my own lived experiences. This was my first love and passion as a younger artist, and I find it therapeutic to revisit it from time to time. While some of this artwork can be deeply personal, I’ve found that sharing my own vulnerabilities on canvas creates a powerful avenue to connect with others and their own experiences. Those moments of connection are immeasurably valuable to me - not only because I’m able to release my own shame regarding these subjects, but also because I’ve allowed someone else to feel seen on that same canvas. I’ve found that the shameful and timid parts of ourselves are much less scary on a canvas, under some bright track lights, seen with curious and considerate eyes. 


   Whether you’re here for the sunshine, the shadows, or both, I feel so honored to have the privilege to share my artwork with you and hope my passion and excitement for what I do comes across!


Desire Line, Undesire Line


Acrylic on canvas



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Becca Lane P.O. box 1021 Dover, NH 03820

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