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artist statement.

   My work finds its balance by teetering across opposite ends of the spectrum; on one end peculiar and adorable animals that tend to evoke joy, and on the other, heavier themes regarding mental health and illness that often have a thoughtful and sobering effect. 


   I use my creativity in the mental health space to process challenging experiences, constantly pushing and pulling between holding onto the past and letting go of it. By capturing a moment in time I can ease the anxieties that come with letting go; moving forward. I also commonly use my art to bring awareness and start a conversation about the ways that trauma and mental illnesses can impact a life, often expressed through the lens of my own lived experiences. While some of this artwork can be deeply personal at times, I’ve found that sharing my own vulnerabilities on canvas creates a powerful avenue to connect with others and their own experiences. Those moments of connection are immeasurably valuable to me - not only because I’m able to release my own shame regarding these subjects, but also because I’ve allowed someone else to feel seen on that same canvas. I’ve found that the shameful and timid parts of ourselves are much less scary on a canvas, under some bright track lights, seen with curious and considerate eyes. 


   When all becomes too heavy, I lighten the mood with imagined stories and personalities for my animal portrait series made with inspiration from my own pets and numerous foster furbabies. I bring the characters to life via acrylic paint and a combination of referenced images and my mind’s eye. As a lifelong animal lover, this is my happy place. Don’t let their adorable faces fool you though, these personalities can hold just as much depth as my other bodies of work if you are willing to spend some time with them.


   Whether you’re here for the sunshine, the shadows, or both, I feel so honored to have the privilege to share my artwork with you and hope my passion and excitement for what I do comes across!

Desire Line, Undesire Line


Acrylic on canvas

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