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  • Do you offer custom work/when will custom work return?
    At this time I am no longer offering custom work. I didn't come to this decision lightly, as it is truly an honor to paint your loved ones, but it has gotten to a point where custom work has made maintaining my main business at One Lane Studios difficult. The nitty-gritty of it is that most of my income as a full time artist comes from prints, stickers, and other reproductions of my art, so making custom artwork when I could be making my typical originals causes significant longterm financial loss which makes maintaining art full time nearly impossible. I feel so lucky to have reached this point in my career, and may one day have the time to add some custom work here and there, but at this time my commissions remain closed!
  • Do you offer payment plans for Original Work?
    I do offer payment plans! Click the button below to learn about payment plans for original work! Please note, this outlines plans for already made, original pieces, not custom commission work. While payment plans are occasionally available for that type of work, it is with a larger downpayment percentage given the circumstances.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! I am proud to say that after much research, I do ship internationally! I offer the lowest prices possible for international shipping, though it is unfortunately still considerably more than domestic shipping costs. I'm also always looking for ways to lower these costs. I am so glad to finally be able to offer my artwork to folks from all around the world!
  • How long are shipping times typically?
    Typically you can expect your items in 1-2 weeks if you live within the US*. Stickers ship without tracking but all other items come with tracking numbers so you can keep an eye on their travels. Exceptions to this are pre-ordered items, such as apparel, and canvas prints that require a few weeks of processing time (listed on the canvas print page). If you live with the US and your items aren't home within 2 weeks, please feel free to reach out! I'm always happy to help troubleshoot and deal with USPS from my end! *International orders can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks typically, depending on destination country.
  • How should I contact you if my question isn’t answered here?
    For any questions, concerns, or curiosities, please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact page (here) or by e-mailing I'm happy to help however I can!
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