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Trichotillomania Print

Trichotillomania Print

Signed "Trichotillomania" prints of original artwork by Becca Lane


A bit about this piece:


"When I’m not making paintings of adorable animals, my work focuses greatly on mental health and its physical manifestations. This piece is about something I’ve struggled with for 14 years now, called trichotillomania. It’s not dissimilar to the habit of nail-biting or other body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs), but it is more uncommon. It’s usually brought about as a way of coping with a great deal of stress and can affect eyelashes, eyebrows, hair on the scalp, or anywhere that hair grows.

I asked my followers on TikTok for a cold read on this piece and got interpretations ranging from “made me think of when I forgot I had lash extensions and rubbed my eye so hard this is what I looked like after”, to folks disclosing childhood trauma and how they would pull out their lashes while making desperate wishes to be saved from their abuse. And of course, anyone with trichotillomania immediately had the same interpretation of this piece as I have.

That’s the beauty of art, a million people can see the same thing and it will bring about an entirely different response for every individual. No one is more “right” than the next, they’re all valid. Man, I love connecting with folks in this way. "


Printed on fine art, premium luster photopaper for richest color, slight velvet sheen and fingerprint resistance.


Watermark will not be on prints.

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    Oftentimes prints are made to order so please allow about 2 weeks for delivery, thank you!

PriceFrom $12.00
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