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Still and Waiting All Along
  • Still and Waiting All Along

    Still and Waiting All Along


    Acrylic on Stretched Canvas




    As I walk from the fields and then along the water and into the woods, I smell the sweet grassy air, rich soil and salty ocean all at once. Hear the suctioning of Daphne’s muddy paws and chirping birds welcoming in the warm spring breeze. I round the corner and squint toward the top of the hill to see a new house accompanied by a familiar feeling. 


    There’s a lot I love about Wagon Hill, and this was one of those moments I wanted to capture.


    The piece comes from a place and time where I began to come home to myself, rediscover who I am, and reinvent who I want to be. 


    I’ve been enjoying playing with mark making and the heaviness of flat color and space. The pressure of the sky in this painting feels authentic to where my mental state was during that time. The stillness of this space is both beautiful and a little unsettling to me, also authentic. The colors, vibrant and vibrating. Buzzing like the anxiety and excitement of a new beginning. A home that’s been still and waiting all along, just hidden behind the hill. 


    Shipping not included

    Free local pickup available (Dover, NH), local drop off available for a fee (in either of these cases, contact artist to purchase to enable local option for checkout)

    Original artwork by Rebecca Lane

    • Return Policy and Artists Rights

      Original artwork is sold "as is". Changes or customizations will not be considered unless otherwise listed. Any damage to the painting after it has left the studio is not the artist's responsibilty (though repairs can be discussed for an appropriate fee). All sales are final.

      While the purchaser of the original piece owns the physical work itself, the artist maintains the right to the visual and intellectual property of the work and can sell prints and items with images of the artwork indefinitely, as well as the intellectual property of the story behind the work. The purchaser of the painting does not have the right to make or sell replications of the work, or to profit off of the work in any form other than resale of the original painting.

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