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  • Remembering

    A note from the artist:


    "A humble roadside memorial from someone who passed away in my hometown of Windham, NH. She was young and from what I understand, it was a truly a freak accident. Many of us from Windham were touched by her story in some way. She could have just as easily been you or me, or someone we love. So I hung out on the side of a main road for a while, learned as much as a could about this young woman, cleaned up the garbage surrounding her memorial, while I tried my best to pay my respects to this sacred space.

    I’ve always felt a pang in my heart when I pass these roadside memorials, thinking of the friends and family carrying that pain and the meaning those little white crosses hold. A symbol not only for those who lost their lives, but also a reminder for how fragile life is for all of us.

    On a more technical note, I don’t often work with collage but I wanted to include images of the flowers from the actual site to this piece, my own way of placing them there. To emphasize this, I painted drop shadows beneath them."


    2'x3', acrylic and paper collage on stretched canvas

    • Return Policy and Artists Rights

      Original artwork is sold "as is". Changes or customizations will not be considered unless otherwise listed. Any damage to the painting after it has left the studio is not the artists responsibilty (though repairs can be discussed for an appropriate fee). All sales are final.

      While the purchaser of the original piece owns the physical work itself, the artist maintains the right to the visual and intellectual property of the work and can sell prints and items with images of the artwork indefinitely, as well as the intellectual property of the story behind the work. The purchaser of the painting does not have the right to make or sell replications of the work, or to profit off of the work in any form other than resale of the original painting.

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