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Buoy-Boy Sticker
  • Buoy-Boy Sticker

    3" Vinyl Die Cut Sticker of Buoy-Boy! (aka baby Wilbur!)


    Many folks have suggested they'd love to steal One Lane Studios' kitty, Wilbur, well... you can't have him!!! BUT, you can have a little Wilbur in your life in the form of stickers (or prints)! Take this little Buoy-Boy along for adventures on your water bottle, laptop, helmet, or whatever, wherever you go!


    Stickers ship with postage stamps (unless ordered alongside other non-sticker items) so there is no tracking. This is to keep shipping costs less than that of the sticker. They may take about 2 weeks for delivery. Thank you in advance for your understanding!


    Original artwork by Becca Lane

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