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Buoy-Boy Canvas Print
  • Buoy-Boy Canvas Print


    Acrylic on Canvas




    If you're familiar with Becca's furry crew you may think Buoy-Boy looks familiar; that's because Buoy-Boy is One Lane's best kitty studio assistant, Wilbur, as a baby! (Before his adoption his name was Buoy.) This handsome little babe was rescued from a winterized boat and one of Becca's many foster kittens before inevitably foster "failing" and keeping him. Can you blame her though, LOOK AT THAT FACE! It's often teased that he was a little sailor before switching careers to studio assistant, hence the playful nautical theme here. 


    With incredibly fine details throughout his face and the classic drop-off as we move on to his outfit, background and sides, and finally tie in some adorable whimsy with a dash of humor; Buoy-Boy really is a quintessential One Lane Studios portrait. 


    Buoy-Boy's canvas print has coordinating colors of light teal and golden-yellow along the sides to tie his whole piece together!


    PLEASE NOTE: Image used is a mock-up. Prints are made to order. As soon as your order is placed the process of printing on the canvas and hand-assembling is set in motion. This means it's typically a couple of weeks before your item ships out to you. Much of this is unfortunately beyond the artist's control. Thank you in advance for your understanding!


    Each print is stretched on a 1.5" thick frame for a high-quality build and appearance. All canvas prints are coated with a satin finish and made with archival-quality materials. Every canvas print will also come with hanging hardware already installed by yours truly, so all you need to do is unpack it and you're ready to go!


    Canvas prints will come with One Lane Studios' signature side color blocking, something you can only find on canvas prints and their originals. 


    I'm so excited to finally be able to offer these to whoever might want them! And thank you for your patience while these make their way from my studio to your home!

      PriceFrom $95.00
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