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Buoy-Boy Print
  • Buoy-Boy Print



    If you're familiar with Becca's furry crew you may think Buoy-Boy looks familiar; that's because Buoy-Boy is One Lane's best kitty studio assistant, Wilbur, as a baby! (Before his adoption his name was Buoy.)


    This handsome little babe was rescued from a winterized boat and one of Becca's many foster kittens before inevitably foster "failing" and keeping him. Can you blame her though, LOOK AT THAT FACE! It's often teased that he was a little sailor before switching careers to studio assistant, hence the playful nautical theme here. 


    This adorable piece has incredible amounts of detail packed into little Buoy-Boy's face, from his stunning blue eyes to his boopable nose and his wispy whiskers. Buoy-Boy hopes to sail the S.S. Pspsps home to you soon!


    This is the first new print in part of the transitional period where all new prints will be available in both original ratios and the new square options. After this transitional period, I will continue to offer custom sizes as I always have so you can still get your 8x10" or 5x7" (etc) for the same price as before!


    Custom sizes for all prints available upon request! Contact here or by emailing


    Original artwork by Becca Lane


    Printed on fine art, premium luster photopaper for richest color, slight velvet sheen and fingerprint resistance. Different sizes may have slightly varying crops.


    Watermark will not be on prints.

    • Shipping Timeline

      Oftentimes prints are made to order so please allow about 2 weeks for delivery, thank you!

    PriceFrom $12.00
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