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Baby Phil
  • Baby Phil

    Just in time for Phil's 2nd birthday, we welcome Baby Phil to the crew! Baby Phil is blissfully unaware of future Phil's panic-induced balloon-pop catastrophe and we are going to keep it that way. Enjoy your balloon, Baby Phil, and have a very happy birthday! 


    Baby Phil's portrait is on a 12" round birchwood panel with light blue sides to compliment the rest of his piece. The technique used to paint this piece leaves Baby Phil with a luminous, slightly translucent appearance much like a real puffer fish! (This is most apparent in the photo in which I am holding Baby Phil in direct sunlight, he almost glows!)


    Baby Phil features a lot of the same colors and items as Big Phil, but with less of the anxieties. We hope you'll offer this carefree Baby Phil into your heart and home as a reminder of the simple joys in life!


    Want to scoop up Baby Phil before he's gone? Payment plans are available; read more here or contact for more info!


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    Free local pickup available (Dover, NH)

    Original artwork by Becca Lane

    • Return Policy and Artists Rights

      Original artwork is sold "as is". Changes or customizations will not be considered unless otherwise listed. Any damage to the painting after it has left the studio is not the artist's responsibilty (though repairs can be discussed for an appropriate fee). All sales are final.

      While the purchaser of the original piece owns the physical work itself, the artist maintains the right to the visual and intellectual property of the work and can sell prints and items with images of the artwork indefinitely, as well as the intellectual property of the story behind the work. The purchaser of the painting does not have the right to make or sell replications of the work, or to profit off of the work in any form other than resale of the original painting.

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