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STREET Framed Marj

STREET Framed Marj

Marjorie, aka Marj, was one of Becca's pet chickens and the real boss lady in the flock. She earned her own song, " Marj, Marj, the Lady in Charge," after making her place in the pecking order unmistakably clear. Her portrait is playful and full of personality as Marj discovers herself in the mirror while crunching on a candy necklace. If you look closely, she even has crumbs falling from her beak.


This print is made on archival premium luster photopaper for bold color and fingerprint resistance. This framed piece is 11x14".


Unframed prints, stickers, greeting cards and more are available online in One Lane Studios main shop!


Please note: Framed prints are only available for in person purchase at STREET in Portsmouth, NH. If you see something listed available below but it is not on the gallery wall it may be stored under the bar, in which case please kindly ask your server to retrieve it for you after purchase! Please also note that some items are available in multiple sizes, so be careful to check the sizing listed when purchasing.

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